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SAP Calculations for Conversions

If your project aims to develop a new dwelling from an existing one, convert a single dwelling into self contained flats, or even convert a commercial property into a dwelling, then you will likely require Part L1b SAP Calculation services to satisfy UK Building Regulations.

Whatever the size of your project, Elmhurst Energy Services can complete Part L1b SAP Calculations to ensure your conversion complies with the Building Regulations.

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When are SAP Calculations for Conversions required?

A SAP Calculation would be required for all new dwellings created as a result of a material change of use. Part L1b of the Building Regulations states that a material change of use occurs when:

  • a building is used as a dwelling, when previously it was not (non-domestic/commercial property)
  • a building contains a flat, where previously it did not.
  • the building, which contains at least one dwelling, contains a greater or lesser number of dwellings than it did previously.

A SAP Calculation would be required for all new dwellings created as a result of a material change of use. Conversions can often require changes to or additional controlled fittings

Read the regulations here: L1B Conservation of fuel and power in existing dwellings- 2010 edition, with 2010,2011,2013 and 2016 amendments.

What Elmhurst Energy Services can do?

Unlike typical SAP Calculations, SAP Calculations for Conversions do not require DER/TER calculations as compliance for energy efficiency standards is based on controlled services/fittings as well as new, replacement, or retained, thermal elements. This basis for compliance can sometimes be quite stringent, however our expertise with Part L1b SAP Calculations and Building Regulations ensures we can  tackle any issues quickly and find suitable solutions for our clients.

What we do to ensure compliace:

To ensure compliance is met for conversions we produce the U Values and ensure they meet the relevant requirements set out in Part L1B, tables 1, 2 & 3 are referred to, if these values are not met we will give advice to the client as to how they can be met.

We also ensure all lighting levels and heating systems are meeting the minimum requirements, again if these are not we will advise.
















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