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SAP Calculations for New Build

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations are required for new build dwellings of construction projects, in order to demonstrate compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. 

Whatever the size of your project, Elmhurst Energy Services can complete your SAP calculations to ensure building regulation compliance and to produce that all important Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

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What are SAP Calculations?

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations, measure the energy efficiency of buildings in compliance with Part L1A of Building Regulations in England and Wales, Section 6 in Scotland and Part F in Northern Ireland. It is the government approved method of assessing and measuring the energy rating of any new build dwelling.

A SAP Calculation typically indicates a score from 1 to 100+, with higher scores representing lower energy cost and associated CO2 emissions. This score is determined by the dwellings thermal elements, heating systems (space and water) and lighting as well as taking into account the positive impact renewable technologies can deliver to a dwelling.

When are SAP Calculations required?

For builders and developers to achieve building regulation or building standards compliance, a SAP assessment will be required. This calculation will need to be carried out by a qualified On-Construction SAP Assessor. The calculation process is desk based and requires a set of drawings (including: plans, elevations & sections) and a building specification which details the building elements and information regarding the heating and ventilation systems.  

SAP Calculations are performed both before and after construction. These are often referred to as ‘Design Stage/Initial SAP Calculations’ and ‘As-Built SAP Calculations.

Design Stage: A Design Stage SAP Calculation and Building Regulations Application must be submitted to Building Control, otherwise construction cannot begin. The sooner this is submitted the better.

As-built Stage:  Once the building construction is completed, Building Control require an As-built SAP Calculation and EPC. Without this the building is unlikely to achieve Final Approval.

What we can provide for New Build Dwellings 

Our team of experienced consultants are able to offer you the advice needed to help achieve compliance. In fact, in addition to helping clients demonstrate building regulations and building standards compliance, Elmhurst Energy also offers the following services:

  • Specification reviews
  • U-value calculations – measure of heat transfer through individual building elements (walls, roofs & floors)
  • Water efficiency calculations (Part G)
  • Environmental/sustainability statements

Whether for a single property or a large-scale phased development, our experienced team of  consultants will ensure a hassle-free service.
















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