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SBEM Calculations 

We provide SBEM calculations for new build commercial properties helping you to achieve Building Regulations and Building Standards compliance.

An SBEM Assessment is mandatory for any conditioned non-domestic/commercial building unless the building is standalone and under 50m2Construction projects without an SBEM assessment submitted to Building Control at Design Stage will be unable to begin work. 

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What is an SBEM calculation? 

The Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculation is used to calculate the compliance of your new build commercial/non domestic property with Part L of the Building Regulations. As well as being a mandatory requirement for new build commercial properties, some extensions and renovations may also require an SBEM calculation.

SBEM calculations are performed based on your building construction and the types of heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning that will be used, as well as the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar PV, wind turbines and ground/air-source heating. These calculations provide a clear picture of the energy performance and carbon emissions of your proposed building.

When is an SBEM Calculation required?

Essentially an SBEM assessment is required at the start and end of a construction project. The Elmhurst Services team can work off plans to perform SBEM calculations at both the Design and As-built stage.

Design Stage- A Design Stage SBEM Calculation and Building Regulations Application must be submitted to Building Control, otherwise construction cannot begin. The sooner this is submitted the better.

As-built Stage- Once the building construction is completed, Building Control require an As-built SBEM Calculation and EPC. Without this the building is unlikely to achieve Final Approval.

Target Emission Rate (TER) and Building Emission Rate (BER)

The Target Emission Rate (TER) is provided at the design stage and set the standard for the proposed CO2 emission rate which the final constructed building achieve or fall below, i.e. the minimum allowable standard for the energy performance of that building. Every buidling design has a TER calculated through SBEM which is compared to the actual Building Emission Rate (BER). The BER should not exceed the TER; however should this occur, Elmhurst Energy Services have the expertise and consultancy experience to ensure SBEM compliance with the UK Building Regulations.

What Elmhurst Energy Services can do for you?

Whatever the size of your project, Elmhurst Energy Services can complete your SBEM calculations and ensure you recieve receive Energy Performance Certificate. Our team of specialists are well-equipped to navigate the latest in building regulations with no inconvenience to you and will ensure you achieve SBEM compliance.

Why use us for SBEM Calculations?

  • Industry expertise driven from more than 20 years experience.
  • Expert assistance as and when you need it
  • Quick turnaround
  • Competitive prices
  • Helping meet your compliancy needs
















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