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Energy Management Services 

Our Energy Management Services are geared to reduce energy consumption from your own business processes. We can both advise and implement ISO  50001, or can even work with you to set up your own Energy Management System from scratch through the Elmhurst EnergyCheck Scheme. 

Before we begin planning your energy management service it is important that we get to know your organisation and its unique workings, in order to gauge which energy efficiency programme is ideal for you. Our consultants can then advise you on the best approach to implementation, which will focus on swift implementation time without disruption to the day to day running of your organisation.

What we can offer?

Investing in Energy Management Services may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think about cost
saving exercises, however not only can it reduce energy costs it can also: 

• Guarantee a measurable reduction in energy consumption (increase profit margins).
   - In some cases the reduction can be as much as 30%+

• Enhance your industry reputation as a leader on environmental matters, and create positive brand recognition.

• Attract new investment and win more business by demonstrating an adoption of ‘continuous improvement’.

• Introduce energy efficiency techniques and a positive behaviour change in the workplace.

• Contribute towards compliance with existing and possibly future legislation including Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards MEES).

Elmhurst energy services can also provide  tools and techniques to target, measure and reduce energy consumption that can be part of a bundle of services or stand alone.















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