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Time to act on Minimum Energy Standards

30 May 2017

Time is running out for owners of commercial buildings to avoid the risk of breaking the law and to make vital energy saving improvements. It is a critical time for facilities and energy managers looking after domestic and commercial rental properties, with some significant changes to energy legislation afoot.  From 1st April 2018, it will be unlawful to grant new leases, to new or existing tenants, for properties in England and Wales that do not


Details of 16 million EPCs and DECs made open data

20 April 2017

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has made the register of Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates accessible, with a new powerful, user friendly application. Access to the data is free and requires users to complete a simple registration process, which takes seconds. The BBC had an influence in making the data public when, in January 2014, they attempted to get access to the data under the Environmental Information Regulations. When their


Confidence in New build Market

02 March 2017

Great news in the new build housing market with some great figures released from one of the UK's largest house builders, Persimmon. Annual profits have risen by nearly a quarter, and it has described the market as very “confident”. Persimmon sold over 15,000 new homes last year, 599 more than in 2015, with average prices rising by 3.8% to £206,765.  It also added that 2017 has got off to a promising start, with encouraging activity from


Government release up to £45 million of insulation funding to social landlords

28 February 2017

Elmhurst were pleased to be invited to the ECO Delivery Group meeting held in Westminster on the 7th February at which BEIS (the new government department that is responsible for ECO) presented their response to the consultation for ECO2t, the transition period between ECO2 and ECO3 that runs between April 2017 and October 2018. The great news for social landlords is that of the 70% of the £640M fund allocated to Affordable Warmth, 10% will be


Fixing our broken housing market

08 February 2017

Government yesterday issued a white paper titled "Fixing our broken housing market". t outlines many areas for encouraging more housing building, with a wide variety of ideas and suggestions. It also interestingly swings towards the rental side of the market, which is a shift in emphasis from normal Conservative Party thinking of solely home ownership. It is perhaps a realisation that there are many people in the country who rent, and also discusses those that cannot

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